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Strategic Partners Make All the Difference!

No organization can do everything. That’s why it’s important to have strategic partners that provide complementary services and tools that sustain our core operations while also providing our clients with additional solutions to help advance their business strategies even farther.

Guidacent Strategic Partnerships provide specific services and programs that close the loop on offering our clients a comprehensive, relevant portfolio of business operations solutions.

Managed Security Services

Security Awareness

Business Resilience

GRC Compliance

Cloud Enablement

Project Collaboration


The Convergence of End-to-End Cybersecurity

Built with cloud-based advanced machine learning, AI, and automation that stops threats fast, BlueVoyant’s Ecosystem Cyber Defense Platform offers our clients unparalleled data analytics, cloud security and unmatched depth and breadth of intelligence.

If you need a Managed Security Services Provider, Guidacent’s Preferred Partner is BlueVoyant.


Let’s Go Phishing!

How effective is your security awareness? Organizations cope with cybersecurity issues in many ways, but all have employees as the weak link in their IT security. The challenges of creating and running an awareness program can be unmanageable.

If you need regular phishing simulations or ongoing security awareness training, Guidacent’s Preferred Partner is KnowBe4.

Business Resilience

Discover how your organization really runs

Fusion is your framework for powering resilient operations. Fusion is the foundation in operational resilience. We provide easy, visual, and interactive ways to analyze every aspect of your business so you can identify points of friction, single points of failure, key risks, and the exact actions you need to take next to mitigate impact.

If operational resilience is an essential component of your business, Guidacent’s Preferred Partner is Fusion Risk Management.

GRC & Compliance

Operationalize Your Compliance & Security Efforts

Hyperproof’s mission is to help organizations demonstrate Compliance. Even though compliance is mandatory for all organizations, most firms still manage their compliance efforts with spreadsheets, file storage and email. The process is manual, error-prone, redundant and reviled by virtually everyone who has to participate in it.

If you need a means of validating compliance with any set of federal or industry mandates, Guidacent’s Preferred Partner is Hyperproof.

Cloud Enablement

One Platform Any App. Any Cloud.

Build your clouds your way in a few clicks. Nutanix helps our clients simplify cloud complexity with an open, software-defined hybrid multi-cloud platform, so the focus can remain on business outcomes and new innovations.

If you need a Managed Security Services Provider, Guidacent’s Preferred Partner is Nutanix.

Project Collaboration

A dynamic workspace to move businesses forward

Unlock dynamic work across your organization. Smartsheet is a dynamic workspace that empowers teams to manage projects, automate workflows, and rapidly build new solutions—using no-code tools they love, and backed by the security IT needs.

Guidacent’s Preferred Partner for dynamic project collaboration tools is Smartsheet.

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