Choosing the Right Security Framework(s)

Is it NIST? ISO 27K? COBIT? Apples? Oranges?

When choosing a security framework, organizations often find themselves trying to cut through the acronyms to discover which framework will make the best sense to implement within their organization. The challenge with security frameworks is they often overlap in some areas and possibly emphasize other areas not relevant to a specific business. But cybersecurity frameworks can be effective solutions for any company trying to improve their security posture. Guidacent has released its latest in a series of on-demand cybersecurity webcasts, which offers a fundamental comparison of the most effective and common cybersecurity frameworks, their strengths and their effectiveness.

If your organization is facing the difficult task of trying to decide which framework to adopt, Guidacent’s analysis and insights, provided by cybersecurity veterans, can help you reach your compliance objectives, secure your operations and reduce the risk of compromise.

Guidacent has also produced a corresponding security business brief, “Understanding Cybersecurity Frameworks,” which you can access here.

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