Agile Transformation

How Agile May Be the Best (Or the Worst) Thing That Happens To Your Team

When it comes to Agile and Agile Transformation, these are just a few of the critical questions you need to answer to make sure you’re heading towards the BEST and not the WORST decision you and your team ever made.

To help our clients and invited guests answer these and other critical questions, Guidacent Consulting made Agile and Agile transformation, the focus of our Quarterly Roundtable event at the Seattle Yacht Club on April 19, 2018. This sold-out event featured a panel of three industry experts: Leslie Ekas, Expedia, VP Technology; Todd Wilson, REI, Director, Software Engineering; and Matt Deisher, Costco Travel, Director of IT Delivery. Along with Guidacent’s own Agile expert, Senior Consultant, Shoonya Mohanrao, who acted as host and discussion moderator for the evening. The insight and information provided by our panel that evening was so spectacular we decided to publish all the questions and all the answers from our panel in this special report.