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Security Self-Assessment Summary

Quick Overview To These 10 Questions

Your concern and interest in cybersecurity is going to have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your security processes and the tools you have deployed.

Cybersecurity “problems” can range from ransomware to weak passwords. How your business evaluates “Risk” will often determine your level of exposure to compromise.

While every business sector has to address some type of compliance guideline or mandate, remember that “Compliance” by itself does not equal “Security.” More will be needed!
Keeping a standard cadence on how well these tools and processes are functioning will ensure you remain up to date on your defenses.
Having a trained, certified cybersecurity expert on your staff is not likely. But that doesn’t mean you can’t “borrow” resources through an effective Professional Consulting Services firm (like Guidacent!).
Where you spend your money is usually based on what business objectives you face on a day-to-day basis. But making sure you are also investing a portion of your monthly or annual budget to ensure you are safe is essential. After all, would you live in a house without locks on the doors?
A fundamental defense for any size business is making sure you have (at least) a comprehensive anti-malware application fully deployed.
Cybersecurity experts agree that the best investment beyond basic anti-malware tools is in multi-factor authentication. Having an additional element of authentication to ensure you are who you say you are, can protect you, your business and your customers from compromise.
Every business relies on data. How familiar are you with the type of data your business collects, uses and manages, and do you understand the regulations governing how to manage that data?
A security assessment for any business is like an individual having an annual check-up. A trip to the doctor can be a lot cheaper when we show up healthy, and the same is true for your business. An assessment can help pinpoint where you might need to focus some attention!

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